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The Key Players

Seraph Young Ford Seraph Young Ford, First Woman to Vote in Utah and the Modern Nation A schoolteacher who voted on her way to work Read More Emmeline B. Wells Emmeline B. Wells, A Thinking Woman Utah’s leading suffragist who met four U.S. presidents and edited the Woman's Exponent for 40 years Read More Emily S. Richards Emily S. Richards, A Believer in Suffrage A standout speaker and public face of Utah suffrage who co-organized the Utah Woman Suffrage Association Read More Emma McVicker Emma McVicker, Utah's First Female Superintendent of Schools An advocate of quality education for both children and their mothers Read More Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon, First Female State Senator A trailblazer in medicine, politics, and public health reform Read More Mary Isabella Hales Horne Mary Isabella Hales Horne, A General Among Women A prominent leader in many organizations who never missed an opportunity to vote Read More Susan B. Anthony Susan B. Anthony, A Champion of Utah One of America's best-known suffragists who formed strong ties with Utah’s suffragists Read More Zitkála-Šá Zitkála-Šá, The Red Bird Activist A Dakota (Sioux) woman who lived in Utah and used her talents to help win American Indians their civil rights Read More Sarah M. Kimball Sarah M. Kimball, A Woman's Rights Woman Founder of the precursor to the LDS Relief Society organization and president of the Utah Woman Suffrage Association Read More Franklin S. Richards Franklin S. Richards, A Defender of Equal Suffrage Champion of women's suffrage at 1895 Utah State Convention Read More Hannah Kaaepa Hannah Kaaepa, Advocate of Hawaiian Women's Rights Traveled with Utah suffragists to Washington, D.C. where she spoke to the National Council of Women Read More Ruth May Fox Ruth May Fox, Equal Rights Proponent and Poet Spoke for women's suffrage throughout Utah and helped draft petition given to the 1895 Utah Constitutional Convention delegates Read More Fanny Brooks Fanny Brooks, Always the Business Woman The first Jewish woman to settle in Utah who gained prominence as a successful and savvy business owner Read More Jennie Froiseth Jennie Froiseth, A Passionate Suffragist and Anti-Polygamist Dedicated her life to helping women embrace their social and civil powers Read More Mae Timbimboo Parry Mae Timbimboo Parry, Historian and Matriarch of the Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Corrected the telling of the Bear River Massacre, the largest massacre of Native peoples in the United States Read More Alice Kasai Alice Kasai, Believer in the Oneness of Humankind Advocate for Japanese Americans' rights and international peace Read More Kanab Town Council Kanab Town Council, The Petticoat Government First all-female town council in Utah and third in the U.S. Read More Mignon Barker Richmond Mignon Barker Richmond, A Community Organizer with Heart A human rights activist who helped raise the children in her community Read More Governor Olene Walker Governor Olene Walker, Utah's First (and only) Female Lieutenant Governor & Governor A passionate education supporter and politician known for her grit, charisma, and intelligence Read More Barbara G. Toomer Barbara G. Toomer, A powerhouse in the disability rights movement Jailed at least 35 times due to her activism for legal protections and public accommodations Read More Ivy Baker Priest Ivy Baker Priest, A natural organizer with political ambitions Served as the U.S. Treasurer under President Eisenhower Read More Eurithe K. LaBarthe Eurithe K. LaBarthe, Author of the “High Hat Law” Elected to the Utah's first state legislature Read More Helen Zeese Papanikolas Helen Zeese Papanikolas, Historian and Folklorist Devoted her life to expanding the story of Utah's people Read More Alice Louise Reynolds Alice Louise Reynolds, Advocate for women’s opportunities First female to be a full college professor at Brigham Young University Read More Becky Lockhart Becky Lockhart, First female Speaker of the Utah House of Representatives A loyal and committed state legislator Read More Eliza R. Snow Eliza R. Snow, Zion's Poetess An organizer of women and a prolific poet Read More The Silent Sentinels The Silent Sentinels, Lovern Robertson & Minnie Quay Utah Suffragists Who Picketed the White House Read More Chipeta Chipeta, Wise and Influential Advisor Negotiated several treaties with the U.S. government Read More Annie Dodge Wauneka Annie Dodge Wauneka, Public Health Promoter Navajo Nation leader and public health activist Read More George Sutherland George Sutherland, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, U.S. Senator and Congressman, and Women’s Rights Advocate Supporter of Susan B. Anthony & Equal Rights Amendments Read More Charlotte Godbe Kirby Charlotte Godbe Kirby, Champion of "The Women's Era" The first Utah woman (and the first woman with voting rights) to speak to an audience of national suffragists Read More Esther Eggertsen Peterson Esther Eggertsen Peterson, Labor, Commerce, and Women’s Rights Advocate Highest-ranking woman in the Kennedy administration who worked with several subsequent U.S. presidents Read More