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Become a Better Days 2020 Ambassador

During this time when events are on hold to slow the spread of COVID-19, you can still help share stories of Utah women’s leadership! Check out our Wikipedia editing project here to help us write women back into history (with online help sessions available every Friday at 10 am), or follow along with our Better Days 2020 reading group to learn something new about voting rights history (new articles and content posted on social media every Monday).

A Better Days 2020 Ambassador represents the organization and shares the history of Utah women trailblazers at community events either through tabling or presenting. To become an Ambassador, complete the online training and sign up.

We’ll send you a free “First to Vote” download to hang on your wall after completing the online training. Schedule a table or presentation, and we’ll send you a “Utah Women Blaze Trails” t-shirt.

More details about volunteer opportunities below!


The “Utah Women Blaze Trails” t-shirt.

Tabling is a great way to engage and teach people about Utah women’s history. The basic idea is to set up a table where there is a lot of traffic (at a conference, local library, student building on campus). As people walk by you want to educate them about Utah women’s history and get them to sign up for more information about Better Days 2020!

Make your table stand out with Better Days 2020 posters and have handouts and sign up sheets to capture names and emails for the newsletter! You can even offer candy! 

Tabling should be dynamic. Stand up front and encourage people to check it out–to engage with them ask a question, e.g. “Do you know why the year 2020 is important?” “When did women first vote in the U.S.?” “Did you know that Utah women were the first to vote?”

If you are interested in tabling, sign up here!


Do you enjoy presenting? Better Days 2020 is looking for volunteers who are interested in presenting about Utah women’s history. Sign up to present here!

The “Vote for Women: First to Vote” download.

Presentations focus on the history of women’s suffrage and advocacy in Utah and why the year 2020 is especially important. Better Days 2020 will provide you with a presentation slide deck and notes and opportunities to present. If you are interested in presenting on other parts of Utah women’s history, submit your slides to [email protected] for review.

When presenting, remember that the presentation should flow. We recommend practice! Let your enthusiasm and passion for women’s history be apparent to your audience. Before presenting, chat with the group about the activities and causes they enjoy. Use this information to better relate Better Days 2020 to your audience. Feel free to include your personal connections to the history.

Relax and enjoy yourself! Volunteer ambassadors are crucial in teaching Utah women’s history and involving the public in the 2020 anniversary celebrations. Help us by volunteering to share the stories of historic Utah women!

Complete the online training.